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Thanks for visiting my web site. King Oracle is the expression of my passion and sorrow. My exultation and exhumation.

 I am currently a one man band but I would like to take this to the stage. If you are a drummer, keyboard player, bassist or guitarist please contact me via the link below. I am open to incorporating your ideas into the band.

I am seeking cooperative partners in the growth of this band. If you are a label, venue, marketer, writer, graphic artist or have any interest in collaborating with me and my art please contact me. I have numerous skills and businesses(I am a IT tech consultant, natural health practitioner, I own a natural health and beauty product manufacturing company and also a self help/success company) through which we can work out a mutual benefit. I am also skilled at writing ads and Internet marketing. If you can help me I will help you.

 I am also politically motivated. I see a massive change needed in the World. Especially here in America. I am a believer of Libertarian philosophy. The right of an individual to pursue his own interests with minimal government interference. I am currently working on a book “The meaning and exercise of Liberty, A Government Repair Manual”. I am interested in networking with like-minded individuals to bring about a better World. We can only accomplish this as a people united together.

Best Wishes,

Corey Daniels


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